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The luck on this day is a bit like flipping a coin and getting your desired outcome. Express your creative side on June 14 when fiery Mars trines dreamy Neptune. The action planet will help you to bring your inspirations into the physical world through art or dance.

Sun enters Scorpio

Give your creative muscles a little flex and see what happens. Things may not be as they appear on June 16 when Jupiter squares Neptune. People may try to make big promises that sound enticing while Mercury trines Neptune on the 16th. The Moon waxes full in Sagittarius on June 17, bringing our collective attention towards our shared goals and thoughts.

Experiment with your routine during this transit. Summer solstice arrives on June 21, heralding the first day of Cancer season. Carve out time in solitude and nature as the Sun lights up the emotional sign of the Crab. Connect with your family and enjoy experimenting with your imagination.

Neptune, the planet of dreams and inspiration, goes retrograde on the 21, encouraging us to separate our fantasies from reality.

March Monthly Horoscope - This Month's Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs

The reading with Stefanie was great. I absolutely love readings from Steff she always empowers me to make the right life choices.

She is very professional and friendly and really makes you feel at ease I would highly recommend this service, with this wonderful lady. I have been lucky enough to have had a couple of readings with stellium astrology and just wanted to say a big thank you! I just came across the recording you sent me after our last session.

Was so insightful to hear it back and I remembered how much comfort it bought me during a challenging time.

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You were so accurate. Would love to book in again soon. It was such a fantastic reading, spot on with past and present situations, bringing a new level of understanding of myself and the decisions I have made as well as offering guidance in how I can make the most of upcoming opportunities.

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I felt very comfortable talking to Steff and she was able to interpret my charts so accurately it was easy to make the connections to my life…was so insightful, Thank you! One of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! Stefanie is without a doubt one of the most in tune, well educated and passionate astrologers I have ever been lucky enough to meet and have a reading from.

I had my natal chart read and Stefanie knows nothing about me but from what she could read from my chart… it was like she knew everything about me! Everything she told me made so much sense and correlated to me personally so precisely.

Aquarius June 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

I will definitely be recommending Stefanie to everyone I know and those I can reach out too who is interested in any astrological readings. Completely exceeded my expectations.


Own it fully, and transcend. These next 4 months are about looking within yourself, bettering yourself, and aligning yourself with your true values so that you can continue to expand and evolve in the best way possible. Follow this page for interesting facts about your sun sign and to understand the inherent qualities about other signs.

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A post shared by lil hoagie astromemequeen on Feb 25, at pm PST. I often face massive amounts of anxiety and self-doubt before I publish anything, horoscopes included. I have learned to trust this part of my process. Sometimes it helps me to rework something that I may have missed. Sometimes it helps me clarify my own reasons for writing.